Spatial Alternatives at Work

Community Planning
In the Town of Falmouth, we have assisted the Town Planner and Comprehensive Planning Advisory Committee with their work. We have implemented a process in which a variety of development patterns can be compared and a number of variables can be examined to determine their impact on the whole.

Environmental Assessment/Management
We have developed a customized interface to allow employees of a large environmental engineering company to view and query very large chemical data sets from groundwater wells. We also provided the capability to create large numbers of standardized maps for reports. This project created a more efficient way of querying the data and opened up new ways to view the data.

Municipal Governments
Spatial Alternatives has provided the following services to towns in the past year:

  • Data updates - performing the updates to base data (parcels, buildings, zoning, road centerlines)
  • Data development - developing parcels, zoning, utilities (sewer, water)
  • System Migration - assist towns in changing over from ArcView to ArcGIS
  • Department specific analysis for planning, public works, assessing, and codes
  • Customization - developed sewer management program, tax mapping utility, and route creation utility
  • Training - use of ArcView 3.2 and ArcGIS
  • Develop customized interfaces to access town data via the internet.


  • Town of Yarmouth
  • Town of Falmouth
  • Town of Cape Elizabeth
  • Town of Cumberland
  • Town of Phippsburg
  • Town of Scarborough
  • City of Bath
  • Androscoggin Valley Council of Government
  • Greater Portland Council of Governments
  • Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians
  • Orton Foundation/CommunityViz
  • Planning Decision, Inc.
  • Mactec