Community Planning/Public Participation
Spatial Alternatives is a leader in using GIS technology to enhance the planning process and enable public participation in that process. It is our belief that GIS is an important tool in assisting both professional planners and citizens to visualize what is possible. Spatial Alternatives can provide our clients with unique services addressing a variety of planning and development issues.

Environmental Assessment/Management
We have worked with a number of agencies, non-profits, and private companies to develop data, design implementation strategies, and perform detailed analyses of data. We provide strategies that work for the client, assist them with existing tasks, and open up new ways of vsiualizing their data.

Dispute Resolution
If a dispute has anything to do with space and place, GIS is an excellent tool for resolution. We have worked with clients to find areas of agreement and to highlight areas of dispute in a variety of situations. GIS tools can then be used in mediation to clarify choices and proposals.

Municipal Governments
At Spatial Alternatives we have over fifteen years experience working with various levels of government to address their GIS needs. We have worked with a broad range of towns and with all departments within local government. We understand your needs. Spatial Alternatives works to develop relationships with our clients. We are here to help you by staying on top of rapidly changing technology, applying it where it is most helpful without being unnecessarily enamored of technological change.